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A sound installation

Domenico Sciajno

Espiral is a mixed network of analog and digital elements. 'Concrete' and analog sounds are transposed in an interactive digital domain for sophisticated and unpredictable spatialization and processing.DNA A double bass lying down at the center of a room receives vibrations coming from a speaker fed with unaudible sub-frequencies. The speaker has a ping-pong ball over its membrane. This will result in vibrations and resonances produced by the body of the double bass that will be captured and processed. The sonic result of such a captured and processed source will be then diffused in the room by four independent speakers in order to reproduce acoustically the random trajectories traced by the ping-pong ball solicited by the speaker vibrations.DNA The final result for the listeners will be a continuum of sound streams moving and crossing each other in the space reflecting the trajectories defined by the ping-pong ball.DNA All this process will be generated simply by a sequence of sub-frequencies physically transmitted by a speaker lying over a double bass