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Luigi Ceccarelli
for Clarinet amplified and Electronics

Length: 09:00
Editor: BMG Ariola - Ricordi
1 Performance: Computer & Art Festival - Padova - 11/1992
Buyed by: BMG Ariola

The title of this work refers to the existence of subatomic particles whose behavior is recognized statistically without knowledge of all the spe­cific details of their individual movements.

This piece, by analogy, follows in some respects statistical laws present in a kind of macrostructure. This take place in precise form and guidelines established by the composer; for example, during the composition the range of the melodic material does change but always according to predeterminated guidelines. Other parameters, however, such as intensity, timbre and pitch, are governed on a microstructural level following the quantum theory and are thus not predetermined but rather solutions chosen at random by the computer.

The part performed live acts as a complement to those controlled by the com­puter recorded on tape. There are usually eight simultaneous parts (seven on tape and one performed live) wich are indistinguishable from one another.

Apart from the final section, the melody is very quick with almost all of the sounds as short as possible. One may think of them as the minimal signifying particles (quanti) of the clarinet sound. The sounds produced by the sampler are actually fragments (recorded beforehand by David Keberle) of all the possible and "impossible" effects which the clarinet is capable of producing, including multiphonics, short "staccatos", "sforzatos", breath sounds, and key clicks.

BMG Ariola edition