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Logos ensemble
Logos ensemble - Biography


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Recitativo obbligato
by Mauro Bortolotti

Instrument: Ensemble
Logos ensemble was founded in 1985 and has its residence in Latina Italy. Since then it participates in the most important national and international Festivals working in close collaboration with major composers and soloists.
Logos Ensemble has a broad repertory including interpretations of modern classical music as well as contemporary compositions of different styles in connection with other art forms such as theatre, video, dance, radio and chamber operas.
Logos Ensemble works on the creation of original performances pushing at the boundaries of the traditional ensemble repertoire by mixing pieces of different musical genres and different sources such as digital and acoustic instruments.
The ensemble components versatility allow the production of a fascinating sound.
Since 1990 Logos Ensemble has been regularly invited in Great Britain, Germany and Spain, often to represent the Italian 20th century music.
Great Britain: Cambridge Festival; Norwich & Norfolk Festival.
Germany: Schreyhan Festival; BKA Berlin Festival; Schaubuhne Lindenfels Theatre of Leipzig; Kammermusicsaal of Bonn.
Spain: Palau de la Musica de Valencia; Auditorio de Zaragoza; Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. Logos Ensemble recorded for the Italian label EDI PAN and for the french ADDA Records. Its performances are broadcasted by many Radio broadcasting companies such as RAI Radio Televisione italiana; Radio Nacional de España; Radio of Belgium; Radio of Switzerland.
In 1996 Logos Ensemble won the "Prix de Musique Electroacoustique a Programme" of Bourge (France) performing the radio broadcasting version of the Chamber Opera "Cartas desde el Real Hospital de Lunaticos" by the Spanish composer Daniel Zimbaldo.