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Lucia Minetti
Lucia Minetti - Biography


E-mail: [email protected]

Instrument: Mezzo-soprano

Lucia Minetti is one of the most admired performer in Italy. She has a extraordinary talent and feeling for art and she is highly regarded as successful artist, wonderful protagonist of great concerts. The tone of her magical voice is unique, sensual and sophisticated in the meantime, the creativity is one of her peculiarities which allows to perform improvising, sometimes. She sings with such an extraordinary intensity, lyricism and a great ability of giving emotions.
She is the favourite soloist of the biggest jazz, classical, contemporary musicians and authors who dedicated her songs and pieces. She has sung in many foreign countries as Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, England, Indonesia and Mexico. Her albums are distributed even in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan. She sings in Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Brazilian.
Her albums were recently broadcasted on Argentinean and Colombian radios besides the European ones. Between cultured and popular music her creativity redesigns an intense and rich interpretation, marking the rhythm melodie, witnesses and vocal evolutions of the new cues most personal. Thanks to her expressive codes which belong to the world and to the musical search, her voice, sometimes warm and other times very clear, is modulated as it was “plasticine”, or better as it was flowing water, which modifies its shape to become something else. Something that happens with an incredible naturalness.
She grew up in an intellectual environment, she is fond of literature, and she has a profound approach to any repertoire she is dealing with.

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