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Walter Prati
Walter Prati - Biography
Milano, 1956


E-mail: [email protected]
Different dreams

Instrument: Double bass
He is composer and executor, he carries out an activity of musical research, directed towards the interaction between traditional musical instruments and new electronic instruments, obtained through the informatic application in the field of informatics. The direction of his activity has led him - already in 1987 in the Centre of Computational Sonology of the University of Padova - to use the "system 4i", one of the first computers for the real time synthesis and transformation of the sound.
From this experience were conceived, in collaboration with Aquam flare in media labia tua (for trombone and 4i) and Combinazioni approssimate di tempo indefinito (for trombone, sax and 4i) were conceived from this experience, in collaboration with Mauro Graziani and were presented at the Biennale Musica of Venice in 1988.
From 1990, he has produced musical research and spectacle projects with the Studio MM&T in Milan, which he founded with other composers.
His compositions are present in Italy in the playbills of the main theatres and musical exhibitions (Teatro alla Scala, Musica Presente, Musica per la Resistenza, Colloqui di informatica musicale, Biennale Musica Venezia) and in many European festivals (Total Music Meeting of Berlin, Musique Actuelle in Nancy, Festival of Cuenca in Spain, EMS Festival of Stockolm; and also in Aachen, Nickelsdorf, Bochum), executed by important artists such as Antonio Ballista, Anna Maria Morini, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Evan Parker, Maurizio Ben Omar, Elena Casoli. His main collaborations were with Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, Berry Guy, with the American guitar player Thurston Moore (member of the group Sonic Youth) and with the English singer Robert Wyatt. The collaboration since 80's with the composer and instrumentalist Giancarlo Schiaffini was relevant; he composed and played with him many sound and theatre installations.
He played in duet with the percussion player Maurizio Ben Omar and he composed with him since 1990 a twofold activity of interpreter (some of the composers who wrote for the duet are Melchiorre, Schiaffini, Einaudi, Gorli, Bussotti and Aralla) and composer-executor of music for the theatre, participating in both cases to festivals and concert exhibitions in Italy and in foreign countries.
He made records for BMG Ariola, Ricordi, Pentaflower, ECM, Materiali Sonori, Leo Records.
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