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Eugenio Becherucci
Eugenio Becherucci - Biography


Instrument: Guitar
Of Italian-Spanish origin, music and guitar are already in his DNA. He plays in several pop-rock bands together with his brothers in the early 70's. Then he starts his guitar and composition studies at the conservatory, brilliantly getting his diploma in 1980. He also studied in Spain with José Tomàs and in France with Betho Davezac. During those years he travelled all over the world playing as soloist and in several duos, performing in exotic cities such as New Delhi, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Montevideo and European capitals such as Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest and Bucarest. He is a co-founder and member of the "Logos ensemble" since 1985. He has been playing with the Logos ensemble in important festivals and concert corporations in Italy and in various European countries such as Spain, England and Germany; he works closely with famous contemporary composers executing many world premières of their pieces; he composes and arranges his own works and he is performing them with Logos Ensemble in several concerts. His works have been performed in important Italian and European cities such as Rome, Bologna, Perugia, Madrid, Berlin.
He is today one of the few guitarists who successfully play the most difficult contemporary music: he has wide knowledge of guitar repertoire and is experienced in ancient music for lute and similar historical instruments, in Afro and Latin American modern production, in classical music of 19th century. He wrote also an essay on music for guitar and piano in 19th and 20th centuries, which has been published by the Italian magazine "Il Fronimo".
Since 1981 he has been teaching guitar in Italian Conservatories: he now teaches in Frosinone.
Updated to 12/2002