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Anna Clementi
Anna Clementi - Biography


Instrument: Voice
Anna Clementi studied flute, acting and singing. In 1986 she moved to Berlin where she studied with D. Schnebel at Hochschule der Künste. She collaborated with him and with "Die Maulwerker" a group he created. She
made advanced research on the works for voice and theatre by J. Cage. She has recorded the cd with vocal pieces by John Cage Voice and piano with the pianist Steffen Schleiermacher. She is mainly interested in the
possibilities of fusion between singing, improvisation, word, gesture and
theatre. Her musical repertoire ranges from electroacoustic music,
contemporary, chanson, cabaret, clubmusic, Sprechgesang, jazz, dodecaphonic to experimental. She has taken part in many festivals (Europe, Tokyo, New York, Rio de Janeiro, etc). She has collaborated with many composers for the composition of their works and they dedicated to her many works. In 2000 she directed the musical theatre work Glossolalie by D. Schnebel at the Akademie der Künste of Berlin as director. She premiered many works: A. Clementi, L. Bianchini, H. Oehring, D. Schnebel, E. Casale, G. Damiani, R. Huber, R. Paci Dalò, I. Ter Schiphorst, D. Ott, L. Schwartz, N. Sani and others. She took part in the realisation of many Cds and radio productions; recently to the Cds: Suzuki, Delhi 9 and Different Tastes of Honey of the Viennese duo Tosca, TRE of The Dining Rooms and Klangkörperklang by Daniel Ott. She has taken part in many works of contemporary musical theatre. She performed a scenic version of Pierrot Lunaire with the director Urs Troller and prepared a cabaret programme including works by Cage, Schnebel, Rzewski, Buscaglione, Jannacci and songs performed by Mina. She performed Ich bin die Hure eines Klassikers in Theater Kassel, a play about the women around B. Brecht with songs by Eisler, Weill etc. She also performed La fabbrica illuminata by L. Nono at Hebbeltheater in Berlin, Euridice by Iris ter Shiphorst at Theater Bielefeld, Sound & Fury and Tiresia by Di Scipio, Ojota III by Ott and SOS by Jacques Demierre. She has made various recitals with solo-works for voice and theatre. In October 2005 her first solo-album Love is a reason has been released.
Updated to 11/2005