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Trio Strabern
Trio Strabern - Biography

by Marcello Biondolillo

Instrument: Ensemble
Mariangela Longo piano
Francesco Palmisano violin
Giovanni Mattaliano clarinet

Mariangela Longo on the piano, Francesco Palmisano on the violin and Giovanni Mattaliano on the clarinet, that the daily "Il Mediterraneo" has defined "impeccable" (Sergio Albertini), have decided to unite their own previous and fully succesful artistic experience to create this evocative matching of timbres.
The "Trio Strabern", whose name is the acronym of two of the most distinguished twentieth-century composers, Stravinski and Bernstein, constituted itself in 1995 and is a unique ensemble in Europe. Infact his main wishing is to enlarge the repertoire of this original group, overcoming the horizon of constituted "Schools" becouse of there are so few historical compositions (Bartok, Stravinski, Milhaud, Kachaturian) and mixing their classical experiences wirh many different kinds of music: New age, Pop and Rock music; ….."As a matter of fact it is a precise choice, almost a declaration of their goal" (Dario Oliveri, cover note CD "Trio Strabern"-Tirreno record company -1995).
Composers such as Marco Betta, Marcello Biondolillo, Carmelo Caruso, Salvatore Di Vittorio, Bart De Kemp, Oscar Del Barba, Fabrizio Festa, Antonio Fortunato, Marie Helene Fournier, Carlo Galante, Emilio Galante Alberto Giraldi, Gianfranco Gioia, Corinne Latteur, Franco Mannino, Carlo Pedini, Cesare Picco, Gaetano Randazzo, Fabio Rizzo, Mauro Schiavone, Giovanni Sollima, Marco Stassi, Paolo Ugoletti, among others, have composed for the Trio pieces which have been recorded on CDs produced by the Milan - based record company T.G.E. - Tirreno Gruppo Editoriale (1995), by the O.M.C. record company of Palermo (1998), by the "Fondazione Teatro Massimo" and the "Amici della Musica" Association of Palermo (1998) and, the last one, "New York Street", produced by the Association "Suoni del Mediterraneo" and by the O.M.C. record company of Palermo (2000), world premières and internationally distributed recordings.
The "Trio Strabern" winner of the "Ars Artis" Prize 1998 (Ostravetere-Ancona) as the best Italian Contemporary music ensemble has already played for the "Gaudeamus Contemporary Music Foundation" in Amsterdam; at the Music Conservatory in and at the Zaal "De Unie" in Rotterdam; for the Festival "Columbus Day 1998" in Washington, Baltimora, Pittsburg (U.S.A.); in Bruxelles for the "Astoria Concert" Association, at the Kaufmann Auditoriumand for the European Community; for the Music Festival "Moulin D'Andé" (France); at the"Golden" Theatre of Palermo inside the Evening Concert Season 2001 for the "Amici della Musica" Sicilian Music Association; for the International Contemporary Music Festival of Catania - Art Director Franco Battiato- Modena International Artist Management; for the "Palermo di Scena" International Music Festival 1996 - Art Director Pino Caruso; for the "Suoni del Novecento" International Music Festival 1995 - Fondazione Teatro Massimo of Palermo - Art Director  Marco Betta; for the "Musica D'Oggi" Association of Roma; at the "Politeama" Theatre of Palermo inside the "Le Mattinate Musicali" Season; for the "Palermo di Scena" International Music Festival 1998 - Art Director Gianni Gebbia; at the Pescara International Accademy's Auditorium; for the "Angelica Catalani" Association of Senigallia; at the "Maiolati Spontini" Theatre (AN); for the Music Festival of Ostra (AN); at the University's Auditorium of Calabria, Arcavada di Rende; at the University's Auditorium of Palermo; for the "Amici della Musica" Italian Associations of Agrigento, Sciacca, Castelvetrano, Termini Imerese, Gela, Caltanissetta, Castrovillari (CS); for the Agimus Association of Catania; for the O.M.C. (Contemporay Music Orchestra) Association of Palermo; at the Theatre of Marsala (TP); at the "Teatès" Contemporary Theatre of Palermo; at the "V.Bellini" Music Conservatory of Palermo; at the "A.Corelli" Music Conservatory of Messina; for the "Schwarz" Association of Palermo, meeting with admiring responses from both public and the critica. The Trio has recently recorded for the Italian National Radio (RAI).
The musicians of the Trio have won many National and International Chamber Music and Soloist Competitions. They have attended brillantly the Music Conservatory of Palermo and graduated with full marks at the Chamber Music Course at the International Music Accademy of Pescara.
Some "triple concertos" for Trio and Orchestra have been composed for the "Trio Strabern" by the composers: Fabrizio Festa, Carlo Pedini and Marcello Biondolillo.
The Trio collaborates with the "Auranova" Italian contemporary music ensemble with whom it has recently performed in Arezzo and Bologna with a world première performed music by the composers Bernardino Beggio, Marco Betta, Marcello Biondolillo, Antonio D'Antò, Fabrizio Festa, Riccardo Piacentini, Carlo Pedini, Gaetano Randazzo, Fabrizio de Rossi Re.
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