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Giancarlo Turaccio
Giancarlo Turaccio - Biography
Napoli, 1967

Instrument: Conductor
After studying Piano, Composition and Conducting at the Conservatories of Naples and Milan with Mazzotta, Castiglioni, Taverna and Vizio and Sociology at "Federico II" University of Naples, he became the pupil of Franco Donatoni at the "Accademia Musicale Pescarese". In addition, he followed Composition seminars and masterclasses held by Corghi, Lachenmann, Pousseur and Bussotti. Agostino Di Scipio introduced him to electroacoustic music; in fact, Di Scipio's classes in Electronic Music at Naples Conservatory proved an important stage in his development and marked a decisive turning point in his musical conceptions.
In his more recent compositions the tendency towards an abstract, scientifically constructed groundplan of sound materials is less evident. His musical language seems to aim at a more obvious and immediate plasticity, and in fact this plasticity of contrasts is one of the most distinctive characteristics of his latest works. It confirms his commitment to explore in depth the contrast and at the same time the coexistence of totally opposed sound levels: an unreal suspended mood of rapt stillness and chimerical abandon, fruit of a timbric imagination of mystic connotation combined with a use of sound material that unleashes primitive tellurical energies of violent expressiveness. An interest in a compositional method which includes the technique of electronic compositional construction for acoustic instruments and is derived from orchestral writing applied to electronic composing. His works are regularly included in the programmes of contemporary music events. Esquissese Enfantines for piano, 1988; Diaphonia for piano, 1991; Voli for four instruments; Quartetto d'archi, 1994; Studio for flute; Improvviso for clarinet solo, 1996; Dramma liturgico for solo voices, chorus and large orchestra, 1998; Divertimento for orchestra, 1999; Quintetto di fiati, 2000; Diacronie, Galleria Toledo, Naples, 2001; Crest, (France) Festival International d'art acousmatique Futura '05; Bari (Italy), Silence 2005; N.I.P.S. for tape, Salerno (Italy), Musiche Inaudite 2004; rebìL, for chorus, narrator, instruments and electronics, Cosenza (Italy), Voci dei monumenti 2004; Trisì, for saxophone, trombone and electronics, Naples, Venerdì Musicali 2004; De la terre à la lune, for electronics, Bourges (France) 2005; Understanding and Creating Music, Caserta (Italy), 2005, etc. Spin for two percussionists and electronic sounds was one of the finalist scores recommended at the "Franco Evangelisti" (Nuova Consonanza) Composition Competition at Rome in 2003. In 1999 a collaboration with Roberto De Simone resulted in the dramatic oratorio Eleonora which inaugurated the 1999 season of opera and ballet at the Teatro San Carlo, Naples.
As conductor, Turaccio prefers small orchestras and ensembles specializing prevalently in contemporary music, but he also conducts the "Alessandro Scarlatti" Orchestra of Naples, Orchestra dell'Accademia Musicale Umbra, Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti of Naples and the Orchestra of the Neapolitan "San Pietro a Majella" Conservatory. He is professor of Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition at the "G. Martucci" Conservatory of Salerno.
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