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Massimo Biasioni
Pallide risonanze avvolte
for Basset horn and Live electronics

Length: 12:00
1 Performance: Rovereto

Roberta Gottardi, basset horn
Massimo Biasioni, live electronics

Pallide risonanze avvolte was composed in 2000. The focus of the work is on the virtuosity of the performers: not only for their acoustic instrument player, but also for the live electronics performer. He is not just requested a technical competence, but also a participation by a musical point of view: it is a work for two performers, seen as a "duo".
All sections consist of the same material, which is every time characterized by different musical contexts and electronic sound processing: it is like observing a three-dimensional object by different angles and light points. (Massimo Biasioni)

Production: Composer's Studio