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Antonio Giacometti
Antonio Giacometti - Biography
Brescia, 1957


E-mail: [email protected]

Born in Brescia (1957), he graduated in composition at the Milan Conservatory, while pursuing an education in the Humanities and pedagogy. Some of his compositions won prizes and mentions in twenty national and international competitions. Among them: “Premio V. Bucchi” (Rome), 1982 and 1988, “Concours international de composition pour guitare de Sablé sur Sarthe”, 1983 and 1987, “Secondo concorso internazionale Antidogma musica” (Turin), 1985, “Trio Basso Köln Internationaler Kompositions-Wettbewerb”,1988, “IX Concorso nazionale di composizione Ennio Porrino" (Cagliari), 1991, "Kazimierz Serocki 7th International composers' competition" (Warsaw, 2000), “IV City of Udine international composition award” (Udine, 2002), “Una nuova opera per un nuovo pubblico” – international childrens’ opera competition (Fiesole, Firenze 2004), I Premio di composizione “Carlo Mosso” (Alessandria 2006).

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