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Stefano Taglietti
Stefano Taglietti - Biography
Roma, 1965
Sinfonia Scenica-La battaglia dei Centauri (1999-2002)
for choir and orchestra
Amor se giusto sei
madrigale for seven voices
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Instrument: Piano
Composer, initially a student of Sylvano Bussotti, after various experiences he met Hans Werner Henze, a very important figure for his vocational training. In his music, the need to filter materials and strategies inside a unitary, complex and communicative language, renews itself continuously. Since 1994, he has been working with visual artist Bizhan Bassiri. He composed three theatrical concerts and a theatrical symphony for chorus and orchestra La Battaglia dei Centauri ("The Battle of centaurs"). He has composed over 80 works for ensemble that go from choral to orchestral music, from chamber to electro-acoustic music, from listening to visual theatre.
He has received scores of commissions and his music finds more and more space and consent in the most important contemporary art music shows and festivals. His compositions have been performed at: Berlin Philharmonie , Norimberga Opera Theatre , XVIII Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano , New York La MaMa Theatre , Podewill in Berlin , Creux de l'enfer in Thyers in France, Museo Laboratorio dell'Università "La Sapienza" [Museum Laboratory of "La Sapienza" Univesrity in Rome] , Gent Museum in Belgium (1999), Deutsche Pavillon Expò 2000 Hannover, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale "A. Belli" di Spoleto [Lyric Experimental Theatre "A. Belli" of Spoleto] , The Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio in Boston , Goethe Institut Rom , Spazio Musica, Cagliari , ARS AEVI of Sarajev, Sagra musicale Umbra, Biennale di Venezia (Visual Arts - 2003), Accademia di Francia Villa Medici Roma [France Accademy Villa Medici of Rome] , Sarajevo Opera Theatre , University of Cincinnati (USA), Stagione RAI Nuova Musica Torino (2004) [RAI Season - New Music, Turin] ecc., as well as for other institutions such as Cemat - Italia, CRM of Rome, Istituto Gramma [Gramma Institute] and others. His full scores have been published by RAI-TRADE, CHESTER music London and Edipan.
For many years he has been active as a pianist, an interpreter of his own music in solo and group improvisations with Evan Parker, Dom Um Romao, Karl Potter, Walter Prati, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Fabrizio de Rossi Re and others. 
Teacher of Elements of Compositions for the Didactic of Music in the conservatories of Padua ("Cesare Pollini") and Sassari ("Luigi Canepa") since 1996, he now teaches in the Public Music Academy AFAM "U.Giordano" in Foggia, in the school department located in Rodi Garganico, in the province of Foggia. He is often invited to collaborate with many Italian universities' Faculties of Architecture in order to give lectures on the subject of composition in the relationship between music and architecture.
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