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Massimiliano Messieri
Massimiliano Messieri - Biography
Bologna, 1964


Massimiliano Messieri was born in Bologna in 1964. He is interested in all contemporary arts and has focused his music research in particular on the interaction with these arts. This is the reason behind the ballets with the Chorea Dance Company: Espressione I (Bologna, 1994), Quintetto (Bergamo, 1994), Tarkìz (Bologna, 1995) and Cabaret selvaggio (Milan, 1999) with the Pierpaolo Koss Dance Company. In 1997, the International Festival Italian Mozart Association in Rovereto commissioned him, under the aegis of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, the work Don Giovanni, the redeemed rake (1998). In 2004, he was commissioned the opera Gretchens Traum, performed at the Ettersburg Castle (Weimar). He founds in 2004, with the saxophonist M. Selva, the Duo Messieri/Selva  (saxophone and live electronics) in order to promote contemporary learning like S.Bussotti, J.Cage, T.Riley, J.C. Risset, G.Scelsi, etc. He recorded with Duo Messieri/Selva two audio cd “Noises X” (Drycastle Records, 2007) and “MA$KEN” (Drycastle Records, 2009). Since 2009 he is the music director of the MASKFEST (International Festival of New Music) and the San Marino Ensemble. Massimiliano Messieri lives in San Marino, where he is Professor at the Istituto Musicale Sammarinese since 2002.


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