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Alessandro Grego started composing as a self-taught child and then under the guidance of composers such as Fabio Nieder, Giorgio Gaslini, Nicola Sani, Curtis Roads, etc. He studied musicology at School of Palaeography and Musical Philology of Cremona. Later he distinguished himself for the composition of short movies' scores and radio dramas produced by RAI, for improvised music performances as a pianist and for the organization of courses of musical creativity for young students.

His monographic CD "L'Aura" (Agorà 1999) was selected by MISAME (Mnémothèque International des Sciences et Arts en Musique Electroacoustique), a committee constituted by Christian Clozier, Gerald Bennett, Francisco Kröpfl, Max Mathews and Alain Savouret, among the works that will be included in the electro acoustic record library of the France National Library. A second monographic CD, "Un mar deserto" (Urbania 2004), saw the participation of the well-known Italian actor Arnoldo Foà and it was produced by Comune of Trieste with scientific support from Centro Studi Biagio Marin. For this occasion Grego wrote an essay about Biagio Marin's poetry, published in the "Studi mariniani" series.

The piece "Persistenza della memoria" (world première Salzburg Mozarteum Wiener Saal), based on sound research developed with Nicola Sani at WDR in Cologne, employs for the first time the iperbass flute, a new instrument conceived by Roberto Fabbriciani.
In collaboration with National Institute of Astrophysics, he composed "Heliossea", for flutes and live electronics, a multimedia happening synchronized and driven by the light of the rising sun, which makes use of the researches about sound spatialization carried out by Grego at ICST in Zurich. The project, dedicated to Fabbriciani, later involved other musicians (Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, etc).
He obtained commissions from prestigious international organizations and institutions such as IMEB (Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique in Bourges) who invited him to compose "Le corps e(s)t l'histoire", for clarinets and live electronics, a piece in memory of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

His works are performed in national and international theatres and festivals by prestigious musicians such as Guido Arbonelli, Massimiliano Damerini, Roberto Fabbriciani, Filippo Faes, Giuseppe Fricelli, "Martinu" quartet, Serge Conte, Paolo Pollastri, Ciro Scarponi, Emanuele Segre, etc.
He worked with actors like Arnoldo Foà, Vittorio Caprioli, David Riondino, Manuela Kustermann, Antonio Pizzicato and directors like Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. He is currently collaborating with dramatist Francesco Niccolini ("Senza vincitori né vinti", "Canto per Falluja", etc.).

His works are published by RaiTrade and were recorded by Phoenix, Agorà, ARTS and Urbania recording labels.
He taught and held lectures at Florence University, Siena University and SAE School in Ljubljana.
He currently teaches algorhythmic composition at "Gioacchino Rossini" Conservatory in Pesaro.

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