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Maurizio Giri
Maurizio Giri - Biography
Roma, 1961


He graduated in Musical Composition at the Conservatorio in Perugia (1988) and attended advanced training courses in Musical Composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome (1990). Since 1985 he has worked in the domain of computer music and new technologies applied to sound processing and musical composition. He has written applications for algorithmic composition and live electronics, and has taken part to conferences and workshops of musical informatics. He has written on acoustics, electro acoustic and computer music. For his compositions, he uses Max/MSP/Jitter, Supercollider, Common Music, Patchwork, Csound software. He has given concerts in Italy and Europe; his works have been broadcast by Italian and European radios and recorded on CD.

He teaches composition and musical informatics. He is co-founder of the musical publishing house Contempo. He has contributed to the book Il Suono Virtuale (1999-2001) with a text about Max/MSP. In 2003 he was artist in residence at GRAME (Centre National de Création Musicale) in Lyon, where he developed a software (Hyperspace) for sound spatialisation and elaboration.

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