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Paolo Tortiglione - Biography
Napoli, 1965


E-mail: [email protected]
He started studying piano already as a child. He began musical studies in organ with Vincenzo De Gregorio and composition as a child at the Conservatory of his home town.
Afterwards he moved to Rome where he continued Organ and Composition under the guidance of Arturo Sacchetti. At the same time he attended the Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music and studied Musical Paleography and Semiography of the Renaissance.
During 1987, after finishing these studies, he moved to Milan where completed his studies at the city's Conservatory, obtaining five different degrees in composition, electronic music, band orchestration, organ and organ composition, choral music and choir conducting under the guidance of Azio Corghi and G. Parodi and E. Farina.
The experience with Azio Corghi has been the most important for his creativity: the very long time of the relationship with him started early in 1987 and finished in 1996 with the Santa Cecilia Master Degree in Composition (Rome).
Since he was deeply interested in the artistic implication of modern scientific theories he also studied Computer Sciences and for a very long time he is a freelance teacher and consultant of large internet computer-networks and multimedia low level systems for distributing music via Internet (EMMS) and other related fields, for companies such as IBM and Olivetti and Hewlett Packard, Lotus.
Now he is a regular contributor to "Auditorium" with articles on Contemporary Music.
His compositions include works for solo instruments, organ, orchestra, ballet, theatre, chamber music for various ensembles and electronic music.
His works have been awarded with many first prizes in the following national and international composition prizes:
* Livorno - IV National Composition Prize "Castegneto Carducci" (1990)
* Athens - III Olympia International Composition Prize (1991)
* Asti - XI National Composition Prize "Città di Belveglio" (1991)
* Bologna - I National Composition Prize for Organ "S.G. in Persiceto" (1992)
* Trieste - II International Composition Prize for Organ "Giulio Viozzi" (1993)
* Trento - I National Composition Prize "Antonio Pedrotti" (1994)
* Seattle - I International Composition Prize "Esoterics" (1995)
* Como - I International Composizione Prize "Traiettorie Sonore" (1995)
* Boston - XIV ALEA III International Composition Prize (1996)
* Prague - JIHLAVA 98 International Composition Prize (1998)
Many works have also been performed in Italian cities such as Milan, Assisi, Bari, Naples, Turin, L'Aquila, Lecce, Rome and abroad in University of Miami, Athens, University of Edinburgh, London (British Music Information Centre), Seattle, Stockholm, Boston, Sophia, Lugano. These have been broadcast by the Second Channel of Swedish Radio, first Channel of Greek Radio, italian RAI Radio3, Radio Seattle, Swiss Radio Second Channel, TV satellite SAT2000, Vatican Radio, recorded and published on CD by the publisher EdiPan (CD-Pan3028) of Rome and Berben of Ancona. Other electronic compositions has been recorded on CD's for the label Auditorium (CD-A9201) and Lira Classica (L.R.CD 052) He has published two books and two CD-ROMs for the secondary school for the italian publisher "Istituto geografico De Agostini". At present he is teaching Composition at Como's Conservatory ( )
(Giuseppe Vitale)