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Claudio Gabbiani
Claudio Gabbiani - Biography


E-mail: [email protected]

Born in Milan, he realized musical project with well-known studios of technological research, sound elaboration and synthesis as: CEDME (Milan), CSC (Padua), EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO der H.Strobel Stiftung (Fribourg), MM&T (Milan). At present he is member of the MM&T Foundation.
He has collaborated with the "Teatro alla Scala di Milano" as sound engineer for: Mefistofele (A.Boito), conductor: Riccardo Muti; La damnation de Faust (H.Berlioz), conductor: Seji Ozawa; Le streghe di Venezia (music by Philip Glass).
He has partecipated at meetings and musical festivals as electronic performer and composer (Milan, Siena, Losanna, Pisa, Lucca, Cologne, Padua, Brescia, Bolzano, Madrid, Tokyo, Kyoto, Genoa, Paris, Stockholm).       
He has written music for television, advertising and ambients.
As productions manager of MM&T (Musica Musicisti & Tecnologie) of Milan, he has planned and produced festivals, musical performances and multimedia happenings.
His music is published by "Lowlands", "New Sound Multimedia", "Auditorium Records", " Recommended" and "Halidon".

In collaboration with several Italian and European musicians, he wrote and played the soundtracks of following silent movies:
"Der Golem" (1920 - conductor: Paul Wegener, Carl Boese), "The Crowd" (1928 - conductor: King Vidor), "The Phantom of The Opera (1925 - conductor: Rupert Julian), "Safety Last (1923 - conductor: Harold Lloyd), "Regen" (1926 - conductor: J. Ivens), "The Bridge" (1929 - conductor: J. Ivens), "Manhatta" (1921 - conductor: Paul Strand).

In 1997 he has created, together with Claudio Chianura, a new record series "Auditorium Records" dedicated to "border music". They have produced:

  • "Giorni Felici", LA 1919, 1997 ( Darwin/Cramps Prize, 1998)
  • "The Promise", Thurston Moore, Evan Parker, Walter Prati, 1999
  • "Through", Henry Kaiser and Roberto Zorzi, 1999
  • "Nightnursing", Claudio Gabbiani, Roberto Musci, Chris Cutler, Jon Rose, 2000
  • "Three incredible ideas", Thurston Moore, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Walter Prati, 2001

He teaches musical production at the "Università Cattolica" in Milan.

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