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activities - workshop / meeting/ contests - the "40 years in 2000" competition - 1st edition

1st edition


"40 Years in 2000" Competition

Twenty-one candidates entered the first edition of the Competition, dedicated to compositions for instruments and live electronics. The works of twelve composers were chosen on the basis of a feasibility study illustrating both the musical and the technological aspect.
The twelve finalists presented their projects to an international jury comprising James Dashow, Luciana Galliano, Philippe Manoury, Gianni Tangucci, Trevor Wishart, Giuseppe Di Giugno (chairman, without voting right). The winners of the six victorious Live Electronics projects were the composers Diego Dall’Osto, Agostino Di Scipio, Giovanna Natalini, Paolo Pachini, Fausto Sebastiani, Stefano Taglietti.