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activities - workshop / meeting/ contests - cd call - 3rd edition

3rd edition

CD Call 3rd edition
"Punti di Ascolto"

electroacoustic music works

The CD includes the following works

1. Marco Tentori Impression (2006)
for computer processed concrete sounds
Produced at the composer’s studio

2. Roberto Girolin Anakros (2006)
for invisible soprano, computer-synthesized sounds and DSP
on a text by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Anna Dazzan soprano
Produced at the composer’s studio

3. Antonino Chiaramonte Riflessioni (2006)
for computer processed flute sounds (c, alto & bass flutes, shakuhachi)
Flute samples: Gianni Trovalusci, Antonino Chiaramonte
Produced at: AuraMaris Studio – Rome

4. Marco Dibeltulu Sguardo contemporaneo (2006)
for tape
Produced at the composer’s studio

5. Francesco Galante Resilienza (2005)
for electronic sounds
Produced at the composer’s studio

6. Alessandro Altavilla Pixels we lost in the fire (2004)
for tape
Produced at: Laboratorio di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie del Conservatorio “N. Piccinni”, Bari

7. Gian Marco Mora Kata Kosmon (2005)
for vocal performer and live electronics (2005)
Loredana Scianna voice
Produced at the composer’s studio
Recorded at EUROPA TEATRI, Parma

8. Marco Momi Réflexions II  (2006)
for computer processed flute, cello and piano sounds
Produced at the composer’s studio

CD produced by: Federazione CEMAT in cooperation with Auditorium Edizioni - Milan
With the support of: Ministry for Cultural Affairs – Department for Performing Arts
Master copy by Auditorium Edizioni
Coordinators: Gianni Trovalusci
Cd Rom production: Carlo Di Giugno
Graphics: Elena Marelli
Texts editing: Francesca Aragno
Translations: Anne Penney Ricotti, Salvatore Marra
All tracks included in this CD were recorded by the composers in their private studios or in the above mentioned production Centres.
Special thanks to:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Directorate General for Cultural Promotion and Cooperation, Italian Contemporary Art Collection at “Farnesina” and its coordinator and General Vice Director Elio Menzione, prof. Maurizio Calvesi, prof. Lorenzo Canova,  the artist Roberto Almagno