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activities - attività internazionali - cime


CIME Concerts (2001 – 2009)

Bourges (F)
May 31, 2009
39th Synthèse Festival  - IMEB 5 pm
Mario Bertoncini Istantanee I
Mario Bajardi Bjm Piano Studio

Rethymnon, Crete (Greece) 
October 27, 2008
 Francesco Giomi Con brio

Gavle (Sweden)
November 4, 2008 - IDKA
Marco Dibeltulu Sguardo contemporaneo

Bourges (F)
June 3, 2007 
37th Synthèse Festival - IMEB 5 pm
Beatrice Lasio Tre Lune. Artemide, Selene, Ecate

Gävle (Sweden) 
September 7, 2006
  Mario Bajardi Man´s garden
Maria Cristina De Amicis Voice

Bourges (F)
June 3, 2006
36th Synthèse Festival  - Théâtre Jacques Cœur 5 pm
Massimo Mariani Six - o - four  for tape and recorded voice
Franco Degrassi Luminal  
Andrea Agostini Funes

October 28, 2005
Center of Electro-acoustic Music of China (CEMC) 
Maria Cristina De Amicis Voice  
Vincenzo Gualtieri Field  

September 18, 2005
Musica Viva Festival
Electronic Music Journey Around the World 
Maria Cristina De Amicis Voice  

April 21-23, 2005
Digital Vital Festival
Stefano Petrarca Leggero 

March 14, 2005
Archipel Festival - AMEG 
  Elio Martusciello Presenti Successivi

November 3, 2004
Goethe-Institut Rom
Federazione CEMAT  presented two concerts of electroacoustic music including works by composers selected by the associated CIME (Argentina, Belgium, Chile, China, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary).

September 7, 2004 
MisoMusic Festival - Teatro Aberto 3 pm
Beatrice Lasio Vento di Ostro
Roberto Musanti Attittu

Bourges (F)
June 6, 2004
34th Synthèse Festival 
Maison de la Culture-Petit théâtre - 5 pm
Stefano Scarani Oquedades (2004)
Angelo Benedetti Incubi (2002) 
Vincenzo Gualtieri Field (2003) 

March 24 - 25, 2004 
  Archipel Festival - Musiques d'aujourd'hui
Maison communale de Plainpalais 
Francesco Galante Retroscena (2003)
Francesco Giomi Arrisi (1998)

November 23-24-25, 2001
Goethe-Institut Rom
Three concerts of electroacoustic music by the associated Centres of C.I.M.E.-CIM Unesco: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Cuba, France, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.

Bourges (F)
June 11, 2001
31th Synthèse Festival 
Works for tape by Luigi Nono 
Alvise Vidolin live electronics


ICEM was founded in 1981. Before this date, between 1974 and 1981, dozens of composers from several regions of the world met during the second week of the Bourges International Experimental Music Festival. Their discussions concerned questions related to electroacoustic work. These meetings constituted a place of dynamic debate for the examination of social and aesthetic as well as technical and economic subjects. The movement towards the establishment of an international organization, the ICEM, was born from these meetings, impulsed by J. Appleton, F. Barrier, G. Bennett, L.G. Bodin, P. Boeswillwald, C. Clozier, H. Davies, L. Goethals, S Hanson, D. Keane, P. Menard, Z. Pongracz, B. Truax.

The objective of the Association is to promote at an international level the various aspects of electroacoustic music:
by providing opportunities for the creation of new works
by encouraging: production, creating and research, distribution of compositions, pedagogy
Meetings of its professionals (composers, researchers, performers and teachers)
dissemination and communication of knowledge and electroacoustic techniques.
by organising collaborations with national bodies, international organisations and various professional areas concerning the above-mentioned objectives.
The Association seeks to assure a rational and coherent development, at the highest level, of compositional methods and of electroacoustic techniques, both analogue and digital, and to guarantee their continued progress, so that electroacoustic music can affirm its particular individuality and fulfil its role as innovator in the domain of creation and diffusion as well as in the evolution of specific techniques, of more general knowledge, and of musical thought itself.
It will promote this aim by all means at its disposal, through the free movement of ideas and people, with respect for the equality of the rights of composers, and the right of free expression of their national culture.
ICEM became the 18th International Organization Member (I.O.M) of the International Music Council /IMC-Unesco in 1983. It regroups, at this time, the National Federations of 13 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic.
The Federations develop in all national independence, their programs of activities. They participate, within the framework of the ICEM, in the programs of activities defined in common by all the Members of the Confederation and feed, of their specificity and their quality, the international multi-polar movement. Being an International Organization Member, ICEM participates as the councillor and the only representative for electroacoustic music, independently of its technics of realization and expression, in the works of the IMC-Unesco and more widely in the actions of Unesco.
ICEM is so the representative International Organization of various currents and sensibilities in Electroacoustic Music.
The Confederation collaborates actively with the International Electroacoustic Music Competition of Bourges and created with the IMC-UNESCO the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music (IREM) (in partnership with broadcasting networks throughout the world.
In contact with its annual General Assembly, the Confederation organizes the ICEM Federations concerts. These Federations schedule regularly in their diffusion activities, the works proposed by their homologues.
ICEM moral and professional authority provides these missions: professional group of influence in the service of the international solidarity, exchanges and movements of men and ideas and tank of thoughts, analysis and proposition.
ICEM, by the plurality and the diversity of its members, shows the historic reality and development process of this plural and refined mode of thought, composition, communication, and musical interpretation.