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activities - sonora - 2008 - huddersfield (uk) sani

Huddersfield (UK) Sani

28 November 2008



HCMF - 30th Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival  
Italian Culture Institute of London

CAB Recital Hall, University of Huddersfield, 1 pm

Nicola Sani AchaB 

Gareth Davis clarinet / bass clarinet / contra-bass clarinet
Nicola Sani sound projection
David Ryan video

Nicola Sani’s cycle of three compositions entitled AchaB, for clarinets, 8 channel digital sound and video, take their initial starting point from Bach. Sani then proceeds to create complex sound-worlds based on clarinettist Gareth Davis’ approach to sonority, instrumental timbre, and breath, augmenting them with spatial amplification and displacement. A progressive expansion of sound and a deepening of sonorous possibilities develop as the three pieces unfold which is also echoed in David Ryan’s video component producing both a convergent and discontinuous counterpoint to the music.