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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to combine the works of the Collezione Farnesina with music, in particular with contemporary music, on the occasion of specifically planned initiatives and thanks to collaborations with the different artistic sectors. SONORA Project, a historical partner in the promotion of new music abroad, has been asked to launch a joint venture in art and culture cooperation at international level.
On the basis of the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federazione CEMAT for the SONORA Project "Italian New Music Abroad", Federazione CEMAT has participated in this project in order to combine the musical elements with the exhibition and to present installations, sound sculptures, meetings and concerts.
The project's name was SONOR'Art . The first initiative has taken place in Rome on the occasion of Farnesina Porte Aperte.
This project has been repeated with other musical installations in the form of a concert with "Olophones" and "Feed Drums". The 2007 SONOR'Art  programme included concerts making use of computer and multimedia technologies in collaboration with many Italian ensembles and artists with works by composers of the last 80 years.
Other Italian computer music research and production centres have taken part to the project.
Concerts and musical events have taken place on May 4 in Sarajevo and then in Sofia, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Prague, Warsaw and Moscow. 

ROME March, 24 - 2007

SARAJEVO May, 4-24 - 2007

SOFIA June, 5-6 - 2007

BUDAPEST July, 12 - September, 6 - 2007