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activities - cemat activities - emufest 2011 - sound system

Sound System

The EMUFest is hosted in the Sala Accademica of the Conservatorio “Santa Cecilia”, a 180 seats hall of ‘700, with excellent acoustic, where since 2008 is installed a resident sound system, designed by the Dipartimento di Musica Elettronica of Conservatorio.

The Hall is equipped with a d&b audiotechnik sound system consisting of:
n. 2 Loudspeakers E12 (80° horizontal dispersion)
n. 6 Loudspeakers E12D (110° horizontal dispersion)
n. 2 Subwoofer E15X
n. 5 Power amplifiers D6

Beyond the sound system the Hall is equipped with:
n. 4 wedge monitors FBT MaxX 2a self-amplified
n. 1 digital desk Yamaha DM1000 with digital card MY16-AT (16 in + 16 out toslink)
n. 4 microphones DPA 4061
n. 4 microphones AKG C1000 S
n. 2 microphones AKG C3000 B
n. 2 microphones Neumann K184
n. 2 microphones Neumann KMS105 bk
n. 2 microphones Shure SM58
n. 4 D.I. Box BSS AR-133
n. 1 stereo pair Schoeps MSTC 64 U (ORTF) on-fly for recordings