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activities - sixe - suono italiano per l'europa - 2001 - santa severina (kr)

Santa Severina (KR)

07-16 September 2001

Italian musicians in the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO)
organized by Federazione Cemat
7/16 September 2001


in collaboration with:
Selezione EUYO Italia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RAI-RadioTelevisioneItaliana,
Fiesole School of Music
Municipality of Santa Severina
National Committee "Heritage & Memory"
Euro-Mediterraneo Culture dei Mari


under the aegis of:
EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra)


and with the support of :
Ministry of Cultural Heritage & Activities, Directorate for Live Entertainment


From the day of foundation of the European Youth Orchestra, the first musical initiative of the Community countries, fervently advocated by Claudio Abbado, Edward Heath and Joy Bryer, the best young Italian instrumentalists have always taken part in it, forming with their colleagues from different nations a grand symphonic ensemble which today is considered a symbolical reference point for the European Union.
For over 25 years RAI-RadioTelevisioneItaliana, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fiesole School of Music Foundation, has announced the Competition which selects the Italian members of the Orchestra and gives them the opportunity of living an experience that is also outstanding for its high professional value.
This year, for the first time - thanks to the support of the Directorate for Live Entertainment (Ministry of Cultural Heritage & Activities) - it will be possible to feature the Italian members of the EUYO in the realization of the first Stage-in-Residence "Suono Italiano per l'Europa".
In addition to the above mentioned institutions, a special thanks to the Mayor of Santa Severina, Bruno Cortese and to Italo Gomez, Jack Buckley, Sandro Cappelletto, Jan Latham Koenig, Judith Hall, Marcello Bufalini, Alfredo Quaranta
The young Italian members of the European Union Orchestra (23 instrumentalists and 2 pianists) will be taking part in the First Stage dedicated to the repertory for ensembles, with particular attention to the last two centuries, as well as approaching soloist pieces of contemporary music. One or two concert programmes will be drawn up and will be presented, both at the time and on other occasions, under the title "Suono Italiano per l'Europa". Orchestra members will be accommodated at the ex-monastery Laleo, now entirely dedicated to In-Residence Projects, and will have the splendid venue of the Castle for lessons, rehearsals and concerts. A tour promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planned for 2002 in the Italian Cultural Institutes of leading European cities.
The courses will be held by Jan Latham Koenig, Judith Hall and Marcello Bufalini while Jan Latham Koenig will conduct the concerts.


St. Severina