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- bio

Valerio De Bonis is a percussionist, an author and an electronic music performer. As
percussionist he take part to several famous international competitions. As author has
received an Honorable Mention at the GAUDEAMUS PRIZE (Amsterdam 2008), at the IV
edition of (Firenze 2008), at the 36th CONCOURS INTERNATIONAUX
the first prize at the (Firenze 2009), 3rd and 5th prize at 2011
(advertising contest in collaboration with G. Lancellotti) and Silver Prize at HOLLYWOOD
SCREENPLAY CONTEST (Hollywood 2013).
His works have been selected by Moving Image Filmfestival (Toronto 2008), NYCEMF (New
York 2009), ECU (Paris 2009), Artsfest Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA 2009), IFF (Ireland
2010) , Newfilmmakers Spring fest 2010 (NY 2010), Swansea Bay filmfestival (UK 2011),
Heart of England IFF (UK 2011), Waterpieces Contemporary Art & Videoart Festival (LATVIA
2001), Shams- The Sunflower (LEBANON 2011), BuSho – Budapest International Shortfilm
Festival (Hungary 2011), ExTeresa Arte Actual and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Xochimilco (MEXICO 2011), IYFF (UK 2011), IFF South Africa (South Africa 2011), IFFA
(Australia 2011), Dare Media SFF (Ireland 2011), CeC (India 2012), Currents (New Mexico
2013), Segnali (Perugia 2013 - Italy), CCA Center for Contemporary Art (Tblisi – Georgia
2013), ICMC (Australia 2013) and Video Art Festival MIDEN (Greece 2013).
His composition “Al peccatore” was selected within the call for the 5th Federazione CEMAT
CD release “Punti di Ascolto” 2012. His works have been broadcasted on, RADIO
Cemat and RADIO VATICANA. Part of his works are available on
He is graduated in Electronic Music, in Percussion instruments at the Conservatory of
Potenza, and is attending the post graduate “Music and New Technologies” course at the “L.
Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone.
He has obtained an artistic residence at ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie) in
Karlsruhe (Germany), and his interactive sound installation “CUT it!” (made with the artist
Giulio Colangelo) has been included in the collection of the "Sound Art. Sound as a Medium
of Art" exhibitions 2012.
He was contract Professor for the “Audio Recording” course in the Conservatory of Potenza.
His research explores the role of several dimensions like voice, gesture, interaction and
improvisation in the domain of electronic music; in every performance or composition he tries
to reinterpret their meaning with a little touch of "surreality". His list of works includes
instrumental music as well as electroacoustic compositions, live electronics pieces, interactive
art, sound installations, videoart works and music for experimental short films. He is
developing systems and interfaces for real time audio/video control.

Updated to 2014