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Alessandra Celletti
Alessandra Celletti - Biography


Instrument: Piano

Alessandra Celletti, has a musical background  that stems from a pure classical base developing in a genre which is barely identifiable in some stereotype or pre-existing cliché. Her musical and artistic experiences detour into a very personal and creative musical world, turning the attention primarily to the color of sound and the dynamic balance between the notes. Hard to label and difficult to catalog in orthodox ways, she's able to move transversely  from one genre to another with only one inescapable common denominator: the piano. Alessandra Celletti’s debut as author is with the album “Chi mi darà le ali” ("Who will give me wings") in 2006; for the first time she is author, performer and producer. She is also an appreciated interpreter of a vast repertoire that includes compositions by Debussy, Ravel and Satie, Gurdjieff / de Hartmann, Scott Joplin and Philip Glass. In 2007 she published "The Golden Fly", sixteen original compositions for piano, followed, later in 2008 by "Way Out", where the sound of piano blends with naturalness and balance with the rhythmic power of the drums.

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