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Guido Arbonelli
Guido Arbonelli - Biography
Perugia, 1962



Instrument: Clarinet

Guido Arbonelli completed his studies at the Conservatory in Perugia, receiving the highest honors. He has been a performer and soloist in Italian and other orchestras.
He is currently teacher on the faculty at the Conservatory in Adria, and has arranged compositions and authored numerous teaching methods for the clarinet. He has has 350 contemporary clarinet works dedicated to him, and has collaborated with many Italian festivals and taken part in concerts in Libya, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovenia, Germany, England, The Netherlands (Middelburg Festival), France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden (Fylkingen and Boras), Serbia (Review of Composers-Belgrade), Malta (fest-Malta), Belgium (Orpheus), Brazil (Musica Nova), Albania (ISCM), Austria (Spectrum), China, Chile, Canada, Japan, Turkey (Italian Culture Institute), and USA (New Music - Miami, Art Institute Chicago, Baltimore, Boston).
He has recorded for Hyperprism, Sinfonica, Alia Music, AFM, Ipsar, Phoenix,Domani Musica, Auralit, Rara, Crescendo, Extraplatte, Rustyrecords, Pentaphon, MPA, Agenda, Pizzicato, Eridania, Egea, MPS, Capstone and for the Australian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Slav, Brazilian, Swedish, Maltesian, Austrian, Slovena, Israelian, California radios. From 1984 to 1994 he garnered first prize in 12 national and international competitions. In 1995 he won the "INTERNATIONAL GAUDEAMUS PRIZE" (Rottherdam), and also won Italian composition prizes for his works "Images from Auschwitz" and "Tarata-ta".

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