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Maurizio Martusciello - Biography
Napoli, 1961


E-mail: [email protected]
Unsettled line

Instrument: Percussion

Martux_M aka Maurizio Martusciello was born in Naples in 1961; in 1980 he strted studying percussion at Liceo Musicale in Naples. he moved to Rome continued his studies taking up also experimental improvised music. He takes part in music, dance, video-arts, theatre and movie performances. In 1995 he founded his projects called "Martusciello" and "Ossatura" playing with musicians and groups like: Michiko Hirayama, Wolfgang Fuchs, Fernando Grillo, M.E.V.(Musica Elettronica Viva), Dagmar Krause, Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler, Otomo Yashihide. in the last ten years he performed at festivals all over the world: L.M.C in London; Musique Action in Nancy; Instant Chavires in Paris; Pez Ner in Lyon; Musique Innovatrices in Saint-Etienne Centre regional de Musiques Experimentales in Lille; Synthèse 98 in Bourges; Biennale di Roma 1999; Biennale di Venezia 1999; Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique - Musique Actuelle in Albi;. Festival Rebonds 2000 in Canada; International Computer Music Conference in Berlin, Dissonanze 2001/2002 in Rome; Archipel '01 in Geneva; Roma Europa Festival 2002 in Rome, Paris cherche l'italie - Batofar in Paris, Marzmusike sonic art lounge 2003 in Berlin, La notte Bianca in Rome 2003, SonarSound 2003 in Rome, Netmage 04 in Bologna. He collaborates with Goethe Institut of Rome. He released several projects for Radio Nazionale Italiana and Journees Electro- Radio Days in Canada. In 1997 he founded "MetaXu" with Filippo Paolini, doing several gigs in Italy and around the world.

He collaborated with the experimental fiction group Cane Capovolto in Rome and Atelier MTK in Marseilles. In 2000 he released his CD "Unsettled Line" pressed by Metamkine/Cinema pour l'oreille (F) and founded Dogon with Massimo Pupillo [ZU] and Filippo Paolini [MetaXu]. In 2001 he started the projects called ZELLE releasing a CD with 12k/Line. In 2002 he played at several festivals as MARTUX_M. and collaborated with national television RaiTre Educational "Mediamente" about new technologies. He teaches concrete and electronic music at Rome University "La Sapienza" and leads as Director I.E.D. in Roma. He is a member of Avatar 41° in Naples. In November 2003 he performed at the Auditorium "Santa Cecilia" of Rome an experimental Mahler's "Resurrection" with the well-known jazz musician Danilo Rea.

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