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Lucio Garau - Biography
Cagliari, 1959



Instrument: Piano

A composer in various genres, including vocal, instrumental, electroacoustic, live electronic, and acousmatic, Lucio Garau also performs keyboard and acousmatic music. Born 1959 in Cagliari, Italy, Lucio Garau graduated in1979 from the Cagliari Conservatory in piano ( studyng with Arlette Giangrandi Egmann and Vincenzo Vitale ) and 1990 from the Cagliari Conservatory in composition ( studyng with Franco Oppo).
As a scholar, his main research fields are ethnomusicology, aesthetics, and the history of music. He is also active as a conceiver, organizer and promoter of concerts, festivals, and multimedia events.
His ongoing research deals with the historic and aesthetic dimensions of the concepts “interpretation”, and “environment”. Both social and technical issues of sound production are a major focus in Garau’s work, which covers Renaissance and Baroque music as well as organology. His work in ethnomusicology on Sardinia’s rich folk heritage has resulted in field recordings and the production of several CDs of traditional Sardinian music.
Garau’s interest in electroacoustic composition has been stimulated by his ethnomusicological field work. Folk practices taught him how to use interpretation as a channel for redefining his own personal needs for expression within the framework of up-to-date musical techniques. Since starting to compose, he has devoted much attention to multimedia communication, which he regards as a spectrum of expressive tools enabling today’s composers to combine gesture and movement with sound proper, not unlike as has occurred in previous historic and ethnic environments.

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