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Paolo De Felice
Paolo De Felice - Biography

Pianist, compositor and ensemble director. He recorded for Rai Radio3 and he's been shot by RAIUNO during the concert for twenty-one pianos of Daniele Lombardi that took place in Siracusa in 1996. During the years he founded instrumental ensemble for the
diffusion of the contemporary repertoire: the Ensemble Bonamici, together with he carved a cd dedicated to the Pisan musician Giuseppe Bonamici, the EST Ensemble Solisti Toscani, where he is the director and the Elegos DMC ensemble, an instrumental group
which is composed by students of the department of contemporary music of the Bonamici school of Pise.
Concerts that took place in Italy and abroad for important institutions: Conservatoire Liszt of Debrecen, conservatoire room and Innsbruck Große Stadtsaal; G.A.M.O., Lyceum in Florence; Scuola Superiore S. Anna and Arsenalemusica of Pise, Carlo Felice in Genova,
national association "Aldo Capitini" (concerts in the Baldini room of Rome). In the last few years, after the specialization in composition resulted with full marks at the conservatoire of Florence with Mauro Cardi, he devoted himself the electronic music both
as compositor, and as an installation organizer: during the demonstrations for the Day of Memory organized by the Comune of Pise in 2010, "I Suoni della Memoria"; he planned and cured the narrative concert, unique in its kind, "Chopin, frammenti di vita", that took
place for the first time at the "Museo del Tessuto" of Prato; at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pise he cured the video projection "Le musiche del Risorgimento italiano", for the convention of studies "Il percorso risorgimentale italiano e la proclamazione dell'Unità
d'Italia" organized by "Toscani nel Mondo".

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