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Francesco Scagliola
Francesco Scagliola - Biography
Bari, 1971

Prima copia
o dell'assenza

Clause Mates. El Mar del Tiempo (2000)
for digital medium
Graduated with full marks in Piano, Electronic Music and Composition courses. He studies Electronic Music with A. Di Scipio. In 1998 he graduated as a Specialist in Musical Computer Science at "Tempo Reale", the musical research, production and didactics centre managed then by Mr L. Berio. There he studies, among the others, with D. Arfib, G. Cospito, R. Doati, D. Rocchesso, S. Sapir, A. Vidolin. Since 1999 he specializes in Composition with Azio Corghi at the Santa Cecilia Academy. Dedicated himself in musical research, he deals with problems about computer modelling of composition processes. His works are perfomed in Festivals, among the others: "Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea" (L'Aquila, 1996), "Festival Musica e colore" (Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino, 1996), "VIII Jornadas Internacionales de Musica Electroacustica" (Cordoa-Argentina, 1997), "I Concerti di Tempo Reale" (Firenze, 1998), "Corpi del Suono ‘98" (L'Aquila, 1998), "XII CIM" (Gorizia, 1998), "Futura99" (Crest-Francia, 1999), "Ruido…" (Messico, 1999), "Poetronics ‘99" (L'Aquila, 1999).
"…e c'è il risvolto della luce", chamber music for six instruments, was recorded by Edizioni Musicali Cavalieri (1997)."Non d'atro et tempestoso notturno", for flute in C, cello, magnetic tape and live electronics was realized at "Tempo Reale" (1998), "La Guinea", a work for magnetic tape, was recorded by Tracce Edition (1999). His version of John Cage's "Imaginary Landscape" was played by Rai 3 Radio.
He was awarded a scholarship by Istituto degli Studi Filosofici Italiani and "Sound" review (1997). He was a member of the reading panel at the International Computer Music Conference 2001. In 1999/2000 he taught Sound Designing in the MAHLER project, an European Community activity to promote employment and human resources improvement. He's composer professor in Electronic Music at the "G. Verdi" Conservatorio in Torino.
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