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Maurizio Pisati
Maurizio Pisati - Biography
Milano, 1959


E-mail: [email protected]
U for ensemble (2007)

Composer and performer of his own works with his group ZONE. His music has been performed throughout both western and eastern Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan, it is published by Casa-Ricordi and is transmitted on worldwide radio broadcasting; he has been awarded prizes and selected in International competitions (Gaudeamus Amsterdam, Contilli Messina, Icons Torino, Petrassi Parma, Brecht Milano, Bucchi Roma), he got a Stipendienpreis at Darmstadt Ferienkursen für Neue Musik 1988, the JapanFoundation Uchida Fellowship 1998. He recorded CDs with Ricordi-Fonit Cetra, Edipan, BMG, CavalliRecorsaBamberg and LArecords, his own label founded in 1997.

Maurizio Pisati graduated with highest marks in Composition, Analysis, History, Harmony and Counterpoint at the Conservatorio G. Verdi of Milan under A. Guarnieri and G. Manzoni, and in the same time he studied at summer courses in Darmstadt and with S. Sciarrino at Specialisation Courses at the Accademia of Città di Castello.  He graduated in Guitar (again in Milan) and had a fruitful performing career between 1983 and 1989 establishing and playing in the Laboratorio Trio.

He is Professor in Element of Composition at Conservatorio "G. B. Martini" in Bologna. From 1994 to 1996 he taught at Corsi di Perfezionamento in Bobbio and in 2004 at summer courses Novantiqua in Frascati. He gave lectures and masterclasses at Toho Gakkuen University-Tokyo, Tokyo Music College, Arts Academy Reykjavik, Civica Scuola di Musica-Milano, Irino Foundation-Tokyo and Universities of Vaxjö, Brisbane, Melbourne.

"Z O N E is a project, a group, an idea in continuous evolution that revolves around my music. I play Live Electronics or a MIDI Electric Guitar whose fingerboard, as a virtual ensemble, is crossed by renowned interpreters, inhabitants of ZONE: percussionist Maurizio Ben Omar, Jonny Axelsson, Kuniko Kato and Pierpaolo Strinna, the voices of Luisa Castellani, Ursula Joss and Marco Bortoli, Sound engineers as Alvise Vidolin and Davide Rocchesso, people like Maurizio Maltese, maestro of Kali, actress Elena Callegari, the fascinating words and voices of Roberto Sanes and Thor Vilhjalmssoni, the flutes of Manuel Zurria, Birgit Nolte, Antonio Politano, Kees Boeke and Carsten Eckert, the Sax of Jörgen Petterson, Pierre Stephane Meugè, Federico Mondelci and Jam-Paoletti, the piano of Marianne Schröder, Oscar Pizzo and Massimo Somenzi, the cello of Mario Brunello and Francesco Dillon, the guitar of Elena Càsoli, Jürgen Ruck,  Magnus Andersson and Geoffrey Morris, the trombone of Ivo Nilsson, videomakers as Gianni Di Capua, Marcos Jorge, Max Bertolai, paintings by Ferruccio Bigi and Salvatore Zito. These artists are among today's protagonists of contemporary thought. Scattered all over the globe, they flow in and out of the ZONE: on stage we always are more people than the ones the audience can see."

Updated to 12/2008