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activities - attività internazionali - irem 02-07

IREM 02-07

IREM (International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music)

The biennial IREM was initiated in 1984 by the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) and the International Music Council, who are also responsible for its organisation. The Rostrum's purpose is to make known internationally important works of electroacoustic music by fostering the exchange of works between broadcasting organisations.

Works presented at the IREM were previously selected by participating radio producers and/or national federations of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music. After the listening sessions, the assembly of delegates selects and recommends the most important ones among the works listened to in the 2 categories: general and "young composers". These and other works will be presented in concerts and broadcast after the Rostrum by the participating and other interested radio stations. Moreover, all works presented at the IRC are made available by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to its wide network of members and associate members via satellite. These dissemination schemes ensure excellent international coverage for the composers.

The IREM benefits from the financial assistance of UNESCO and of participating radio networks.

The IREM is held every two years in a different country and is usually hosted by its national broadcasting authority working in collaboration with a local organisation in the field of electroacoustic music.

IREM tapes, scores and notes are deposited at the Gaudeamus Foundation in Amsterdam.