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activities - attività internazionali - cime - iter/eter 2011

Iter/Eter 2011

Wroclaw (Poland)

17 May 2011

IterEter on Musica Electronica Nova in Wroclaw
Technical University

Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music prepares the new, extended, international version of interactive installation IterEter for the Musica Electronica Viva festival in Wroclaw

The opening of the installation is May 17, 2011, at the Technical University, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 23/25

ISA Harp, instrument with 32 invisible strings designed by Peter Sych, is the main controller of the IterEter installation, primary introduced at the Warsaw Autumn Festival in 2009

Selected works from Italy:

Andrea Biagioli The Road for piano, live electronics - 7'39''

Luca De Siena Telephonie (2010)

Gabriele Paolozzi Vocal Mutations (2011)

Dario Amoroso MACvsPC (2010)

Alessio Gabriele Ahots (2008) - 8’30’’

Massimiliano Cerioni Bucando la superficie del buio e del silenzio (2010) - 6:45

Walter Cianciusi  #104 (2009) - 14:04