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SONORA project was launched at the beginning of the new millennium to coordinate an action of support, promotion and dissemination of Italian new music worldwide. Nowadays the vitality of music depends mainly on the possibility of exchange, interrelation and contamination; therefore remaining apart from international relationships and networks would be a high price to pay.

SONORA is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Culture - Department for Live Performing Arts.

One of the main aims of this project is to provide the network of Italian Cultural Institutes abroad with a functional instrument of information, cooperation and support. Italian Cultural Institutes could significantly contribute to increase the presence of Italian ensembles, performers and composers at major international festivals, and might become a new ground for developing the commission of new initiatives.

SONORA operates in order to realize specific projects submitted by ensembles and performers, in cooperation with major institutions, international concert series and intermedia festivals. This activity allows the audience abroad to have an up-to-date overview of the contemporary Italian music scene through the presence of our performers at the most important events worldwide.

Many information tools (a magazine, a website, on-line information, etc.) have been developed to provide all actors operating in this field with news about present and future projects.

SONORA activity through the years has achieved remarkable results: hundreds of performances abroad, cooperation with international institutions, promotion of composers and performers and a wide range of new productions.

It’s quite a satisfying review, which started a virtuous circle and filled an institutional gap. The presence of Italian composers and performers abroad was occasional and made possible mainly by the interest of foreign ensembles and institutions: SONORA has given an enormous contribution in reversing the trend. Moreover it was very hard for Italian musicians and composers to be present in the programmes of international institutions because of the lack of a consolidated network of relationships.

SONORA is nowadays considered the main stakeholder as for Italian new music for international operators.