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activities - patronages - icarus junior 08

Icarus Junior 08

Icarus Junior was born in 2007 as an Icarus Ensemble special project carried on by the Art Workshop in Reggio Emilia. In the beginning entirely made up of musicians from nine to fourteen years old, it begins its activities with improvisation experiences conducted by Philip Corner and Malcolm Goldstein. With transcriptions from Mozart’s "Flauto Magico", Icarus Junior took part in “Street Flute” event in Reggio Emilia (directed by Francesco Micheli), with a National Italian Radio live broadcasting. The first experience in a contemporary art festival comes with REC 2007 in Reggio Emilia, with “Trial flights”, a multimedia project realized in cooperation with Otolab (Milan video-art collective) and with Martinenfabrik. Eight composers, specialized in new composing electronic technologies, written for the youth ensemble. “Trial flights” has been played at Exitime, in Bologna, in collaboration with University’s DMS, in Reggio Children, at the San Francisco Spring Festival of the Bay Area (in collaboration with the Italian Institute for Culture), SIXE (Italian Sound for Europe, promoted by Federazione Cemat). The following project is “The Dark Side of the Moon-Revisited”, a free transcription of Pink Floyd’s same titled work, sincluding images by Martinenfabrik. “The Dark Side” has been presented at Reggio Emilia’s REC, at the Zagreb’s Biennial, and at the Reggio Emilia’s White Night. In 2008’s Autumn, Icarus Junior took part together with Icarus Ensemble at the Sincronie Festival in Milano. The youth’s ensemble have experience also into improvisative music (Italiart in Dijon), informal music (Changing the System by Christian Woolf concerted by David Ryan and Gianni Trovalusci at REC 2009), and have played an extract from the “Opera Fola” by Francesco La Licata, scheduled for 2011 Musical Florentce May (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino). In November 2009 the ensemble has taken part into Sincronie, at the Opera House in Cairo and at the Opera House in Alexandria. As a winding up of the 2009 REC Festival, at the Valle Theatre in Reggio Emilia, Icarus Junior plays Mozart’s Symphony n.39 K.543 together with the Cesena’s Conservatory String Section. For 2010 is scheduled a new programme, about antique music’s transcriptions, from Perotinus to Bach. Icarus Junior is working under the aegis of Reggio Emilia Theatre Guild (Icarus is the resident ensemble), of Emilia Romagna County, of Reggio Emilia District, of the Reggio Emilia Municipality and of the Sonora Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Progetto SONORA - San Francisco 2008


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