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Centro Ricerche Musicali

Michelangelo Lupone Artistic Director
Laura Bianchini General Director
Lorenzo Seno Scientific Director
Marco Giordano Senior Researcher
Walter Cianciusi Artistic Production
Alessio Gabriele Artistic Assistant - Researcher
Carlo Laurenzi Artistic Assistant
Emanuela Mentuccia Environmental Project Assistant

Founded by composers Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone, CRM (Center For Music Research) has been operating in Rome since 1988 with the aim of promoting research into the aesthetic, analytical, musicological and scientific aspects of music. The Center is run by a permanent staff of musicians and scientific researchers who have a multidisciplinary background and work as a team on joint projects. This has facilitated exchange and understanding of issues relative to their specific disciplines.
The activities of CRM are directed to encouraging constant interaction between music, technology and science by designing and testing compositional methods and algorithms that best meet the requirements of contemporary music expressions. Significant results have been achieved by CRM in the following fields: music production, concerts, scientific research, development of digital systems for musical applications, education and didactics.
CRM has designed and implemented advanced systems for a) the synthesis and processing of sound in real time (Fly10 and Fly30), b) sound spatialization (Flyspace), and c) sound diffusion (Planephones, Olophones). The Planephones are innovative vibrating sound systems consisting of panels of different materials (wood, metal, plastics, leather, etc.) and shapes designed for a coherent and harmonious installation in artistic venues, they permits designing of acoustic space according to the architectural space. The Olophones are multiphonic sound systems based on plane waves emission, designed to ensure an accurate control of the soundwave movement and profile.
CRM collaborates actively with important research centers both in Italy and abroad as well as leading ensembles and music organisations. It also organizes Concerts of contemporary music and Multimedia events, advanced computer music courses, scientific conferences and seminars and, each year the international festival of music, art and contemporary culture Musica Scienza. In 1990, CRM was officially recognized as a Music Research Center by the Ministry for University Education and Scientific & Technological Research and in 1992, obtained the distinguished award of the Japan Foundation for its contribution to music and science.

CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali
Edificio FG Tecnopolo - Parco Tecnologico Tiburtino
Via Giacomo Peroni 452 - 00131 Rome
Ph./ Fax +39 06 45563 590  / + 39 06 45563 595
e-mail: [email protected] 
web site:


FGTecnopoloParco Tecnologico TiburtinoParco Tecnologico TiburtinoOlophones - Colosseo 03 - photo by Massimo CarrocciOlophones - VeniceolophoneOlophones - Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome)Olophones - Farnesina RomeOlophones - Farnesina RomeOlophones - Farnesina RomePlanephonePlanephones - RomeFeed Drum by Michelangelo Lupone