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Andrea Talmelli
Andrea Talmelli - Biography
Montese, 1950


E-mail: [email protected]
Klinamen I
for bassoon and orchestra (1977)

He graduated in Law at the University of Parma and graduated from the Conservatory "A. Boito" in piano and composition with Lino Rastelli and Azio Corghi. He also followed courses in conducting with Piero Guarino. Professor of composition of the same Conservatory until 1984, he became director of the Institute of Carpi music Conservatory until 1990, when he took direction of the Conservatory of Reggio Emilia, integrating it with an intense artistic director of Contemporary music Festival Compositori a Confronto. Its activity has developed important partnerships at European level of the Conservatory. It 'was director from 1989 to 1992 of the magazine Musica Domani, published by Ricordi. Member of national and international competitions, has long operated in teaching and with a constant presence at national conferences on the reform of the Conservative participating in study commissions submitted to the Italian Parliament. Author of essays on musicological Meli Lupi di Soragna Music Fund, the Musical Games of Haydn and Mozart, Giovanna Daffini, the Italian composer Aldo Finzi, etc..
He was curator for the Italian edition of Suvini Zerboni Elementary training for musicians of P. Hindemith.
He coordinated the Toscanini Foundation of Parma orchestral training courses funded by the European Community.
Compositional activity. Author of over 120 musical works, had many executions in Italy and abroad (EU countries, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay publications by Curci, Suvini Zerboni, Pro Music Studium, Rugginenti, Edipan, Agenda Musica Attuale, Sconfinarte, etc.. an extensive discography like the recent CD Se questo è un uomo e altri brani della memoria, published in 2011 by Rugginenti. Prizes and awards has been achieved in Terni in 1978 (President of the Commission Goffredo Petrassi) and in 1988, Parma (1978, in the jury Roman Vlad, Virgilio Mortari, Bruno Bettinelli), Venice, La Fenice (Venezia Opera Prima, 1981, President Luigi Nono) and in 2003 he received the Prize Fancelli of Terni. His compositions have been recorded and broadcast on RaiTre, TV Koper, Italian Swiss Radio, Radio National Russian, ORTF (Austria) and other radio and television.
The works are often inspired by poetry and literature. Among the authors: Pier Paolo Pasolini (Il nini muart Versi sottili come righe di pioggia), Italo Calvino (from Ti con Zero), Andre Platonov (Dal mondo bellissimo e violento), Rilke, Rodari, Primo Levi, Spaziani, Scattaglini, D'Elia, Piersanti, Lucarelli, etc..). Since 1982 he collaborates with the Odessa poet Evelina Schatz with which he did many projects (Tamburi di Sicilia, Diario londinese, Canzone di Ofelia, the cycle on the Black, Miracoli del mercato del pesce, a triptych on the Tango, etc.) , theater and multimedia (Samarkanda, or Book of ceremonies) and films (Columbus and Leonardo, Donna variante di destino) for the Moscow television. Autographs of Samarkand are included in the volume of Soliart (Milan, 1986) and Parma Capitale della Musica (Friends of the Scala) by C. Gallico. In 1990 he was invited by the Museum in Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakof and the Association of Composers. The following year he worked on the soundtrack of the film produced by Donna variant fate SoyuzTelefilm (Moscow State TV) directed by Vladimir Makedonski, after realizing the version for String Fragments of Lesbos. In 1993, the symphonic work De insulis Inventis is used for the soundtrack of Columbus and Leonardo, the Italian-Russian film directed by Dmitry Demin. Even for the production of films composed Sisterion, inspired by the Jubilee of 2000 and Jardins au clair du réveil (2006) for the video service Bernardini Elizabeth Gardens. And 'playwright and Children ("Pinocchio a miùsicol", 1999 text by G. Sgrignoli, at the Teatro Regio in Parma; "La strada che non andava in nessun posto", 2002, by G. Rodari; "Storia di Tawaddud", 2005, from The Thousand and One Nights, commissioned for the summer season of the Teatro Stabile of Marche in Lunano, then in Recanati (World Poetry Centre), Sarmato (Valtidone Festival 2006) and the National Theatre of Rome (Season Opera 2007). "Kyrybyr daramur" song and symphony "Dalla verticale al paesaggio pitagorico delle lontananze" have been commissioned by the Orchestra dell'OSER "A. Toscanini". Even for the Toscanini Orchestra and the Museum of Gattatico "..Morirono tirando dadi d'amore nel silenzio" (texts of Quasimodo, Borghesi, Calamandrei (2005). On the issue of civil commitment are also sung the youth choir and orchestra, "Se questo è un uomo", inspired by the book by Primo Levi who Talmelli also had the opportunity to meet, and the composition on a text by Rafael Alberti Threnody for Salvador Allende. For the Verdi Festival in Parma in 2009 he composed the lied "Mentre con Verdi" for soprano and piano. A number of internationally renowned performers have performed his music including flutists Robert Fabbriciani Annamaria Morini, Andrea Ceccomoriand Luisa Sello, the clarinetists Guido Arbonelli and Massimo Munari, the violinists Enzo Porta and George Munch, the violist Maurizio Barbetti, the guitarists Vincenzo Saldarelli, Claudio Piastra , Patrik Kleemola, Oscar Cyruluik, the pianists Giancarlo Simonacci, Guido Scano, Julia Riabova, Rossella Spinosa, Ida Zicari, accordionists Ivano Battiston and Roberto Caberlotto, Guitar Trio Italian, Icarus Ensemble, Trio Albatros, Ensemble Made New, Dissonance Duo, Trio Namaste, and so on.
The criticism. "Son of contemporary music," said Guido Salvetti in a compositional profile radio station for the Italian Swiss Radio, "Talmelli combines the experience of postwar poetry with the needs of expression and communication emerged particularly from the eighties". On premises that are using on the language of experimental post-war experiences, "the music of Talmelli - wrote Renzo Cresti - has a strong imaginative, visionary reflections from which bounce light an imaginative journey through time / space path made possible by a fantasy freed. "
On Talmelli wrote, among others, Renzo Cresti, Guido Baggiani, Giampaolo Minardi, Guido Salvetti, George Taborelli, Marzio Pieri, Daniela Iotti. In 1994 he published a monograph on Agenda Musica Attuale (Bologna), including musicological essays, six original compositions and CD includes 9 tracks. A biography of Mariagrazia Borazzo interview is published in Strumenti e musica, No.7-8, 1994. A compositional profile of Renzo Cresti was published in 1995 in the volume devoted to contemporary Italian composers Guido Miano Publisher of Milan. In 2000 he published a self-analysis including the recond of the song "L'origine degli uccelli" (The Encyclopedia of Italian composers from the publisher of the Pagano Naples). Recently, a large self-analysis was published in the volume of Diabasis Publisher "Sarà un progresso...tornando a Verdi" by Teresa Camellini (2011).


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