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Michelangelo Lupone
Michelangelo Lupone - Biography
Solopaca, 1953

Ciclo astrale
for violin, tape and live electronics

He studied music with Domenico Guaccero and Giorgio Nottoli. His musical production includes instrumental and electronic works. He simultaneously works as composer and music and science researcher. He is artistic director of CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome and is founder of Istituto Gramma at L'Aquila. His entire musical production focuses in particular on linguistic and technological inventions. He has worked out performing techniques for traditional instruments and has designed the systems for digital sound synthesis Fly10 (L. Bianchini), Fly30 (A.Pellecchia); the systems for sound disffusion, Planephones (G. Ruspa, G. Lucchino); Waveguides and Reflecting screens (M. C. De Amicis); Holophones; all of which he uses for the composition and performance of his works. Since 1980 he teaches electronic music at the Conservatory of L'Aquila and since 1996 is a member of the artistic-scientific committee of CEMAT.

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