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Armando Gentilucci
Armando Gentilucci - Biography
Lecce, 1939 - Milano, 1989
Lo scrigno dei suoni
for piano
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He studied in Milan, where he was Donatoni and Bettinelli's student. From 1969, until the year of his death he directed the musical Institute "A. Peri" in Reggio Emilia. He's also one of the promoters of the historical experience Musica/Realtà. Some of his most important works are: Mensurale for 11 strings (1977), Trama for 10 winds (1977), Il tempo sullo sfondo for orchestra (1978), Lieve suonò la notte for violin and piano (1979), Nei quieti silenzi for 11 instruments (1983), Al telaio del tempo for clarinet (1983), Dove non sono confini for cello (1985), Lo scrigno dei suoni for piano (1988). He has been musician and composer at the same time, divulgating works such as "Guide to the listening of contemporary music" (1969).