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Francesco Galante
Francesco Galante - Biography
Roma, 1956

E-mail: [email protected]
Tra i suoni estremi (1987)
for tape

He studied with Giorgio Nottoli, and at IMEB in Bourges with D.Keane, P. Boeswillwald e Guido Baggiani. He started his activity as a composer-researcher at "Centro per la Musica Sperimentale" D.Guaccero. He directed the Concert Association of Musica Verticale in Rome from 1980 to 1982. Galante has also researched in the scientific and technological field. He is co-founder of SIM (Society of Music Informatics) in Rome (1982-90). He took part to ICMC in 1984 (IRCAM, Paris) and in 1986 (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague). He is theorist and scholar of electronic music, and since 1990 he is editor of the magazine "Musica/Realtà". He published: Musica Espansa (co-author Nicola Sani) and Metafonie (co-author Luigi Pestalozza). In 1997 he was in-residence composer at IMEB in Bourges. Since 1998 to 2000 he has run in collaboration with Luigi Pestalozza the two-year concert series at Teatro alla Scala and has been scientific director of the seminar "Musica e Tecnologia, domani". His works have been performed in national and international leading institutions. He received commissions by RAI Radio3, Festival Musica Presente and 900Musica in Milan. His electronic music is recorded by Fonit Cetra, Eshock editions, LIMEN editions and published by Ricordi.

He is professor at Cosenza Conservatory of Music.

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