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Giovanni Damiani - Biography
Palermo, 1966

Variazioni su un timbro/accordo/accordatura (1993) for 2 violins, 2 altos, 2 cellos
da Salve follie precise 'ENTDECKUNG'
Anna Clementi, Zephir ensemble
F. La Licata (conductor)

Giovanni Damiani started studying in the lively environment of the History Of Music Institute of Palermo (nowadays Aglaia, music section) and then he studied with Aldo Clementi, Luigi Nono, Helmut Lachenmann, Sylvano Bussotti, always keeping on composing works played, both in Italy and abroad, by performers of clear fame. He connects his own talent for theoritical autoanalysis, for sperimentation and didactic with the concrete realization of projects, as pianist, informatic performer and organizer.

In 1990 Francesco Pennisi introduced him during Festival di Nuova Consonanza, inserting him in a monographic concert as his ideal follower. He was also chosen to represent Italian composers during the Fourth Mediterranean Conference, a musical meeting of 12 nations developed in three orchestral concerts repeated during a tour in Sicily and in 1993-94 he won a scholarship in Poland.

Mr Damiani often cooperated with coreographer Virgilio Sieni, creating live music for many of Sieni's works. In 1998 his opera-oratorio Salve follie precise-atto primo had its world première during the Festival sul Novecento. Olschki published one of his essays on "Studi musicali" and many of his works was recorded on CD.

He earned a degree in piano and he studied with Behrnard Wambach and Massimiliano Damerini; he also graduated in Modern Arts and Humanities, discussing a thesis supervised by Paolo Emilio Carapezza about the elaboration of motives in the Viennese music school, with references from Ancient Greek music to modern trends. He currently teaches Score Reading at Conservatory of Palermo and he holds composition courses e at Sissis, Dams and at the Music Department of his own town's University.

Some of his works have been performed by artists such as Badano, Brand, Anna Clementi, Damerini, Dillon, Fabbriciani, Fedeli, Formenti, Franklin, Lanzillotta, Morini, Mondelci, Pizzo, Porta, Ravaglia, Seifriedt, Scotese, Veronesi, Zurria, etc, during festivals in Italy (Nuova Consonanza, Di Nuovo Musica, Festival Pontino) and abroad (Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Warsaw, New York, Buenos Aires, Wien, Crete, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam, etc).

Ensembles such as Alter Ego, Icarus, Monesis and Zephir have some of his works in their repertoire. In 2005 was published the monography "Autobiografia delle musiche (Autobiography of music)" (published by L'Epos) on his compositions, with essays by Pestalozza, Carapezza, Tedesco, Incardona, scores of his works and CDs. In 2007 he took care of the performance and of the recording of "Isole in musica", a double CDs containing music by Sardinian and Sicilian composers. In 2008 was published his monographic DVD "Tra memoria, immaginazione, intravisto, inaudito".

Updated to 12/2008