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Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto
Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto - Biography


E-mail: [email protected]

Instrument: Ensemble
To make ensernble music means to put together our own ideas, experiences, abilities, desires. These concepts are completely realized in the best string quartets, trios, sextets, in small chamber ensemble like in the Renaissance or Baroque consorts. It could sound strange but in today's music all this seems more complex, because it should be more natural to realize the present poetic world than that of the past. So we should create the humus in which the musicians can share the grounds for a deep and keen work on our music.
For these reasons in 1995 at Fiesole's Music School was born the Contemporary Music Laboratory, managed by Mario Ancillotti and Enzo Porta. And -after a great enthusiastic work-three years later the Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto naturally arose. It is a permanent, multiform ensemble, opened to the most various experiences of '900 language and it is animated and directed by Mario Ancillotti.
Since its debut in Teatro Massimo of Palermo, the Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto has been having many and many engagements all over Italy and Switzerland. Its programs go from Debussy to Donatoni, from Strawinskij to Berio, from Messiaen to Schnittke. They also include some twenties-century-masterpieces like the Histoire du Soldat by Strawinskij, the Kammersymphonie op. 9 by Schoenberg, the Konzert op. 24 and the Symphonie op. 21 by Webern, and then Varèse, Ives, Dallapiccola, etc.
Within the annual cycle "Musica e Cultura oggi" in Fiesole's Music School, the Ensemble has had exciting meetings and direct collaborations with musicians like Sciarrino, Manzoni, Vacchi, Stroppa, Pennisi, Bussotti, Clementi, Battistelli, and with personalities of cultural world like Siciliano, Consolo, Sanguineti, Sermonti, Givone, Cappelletto, Perilli, Pini. These collaborations completely satisfy our need to explore, know and live the art of today: we have always realized all this in the consciousness of the great musical tradition of Fiesole.
Updated to 04/2005