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Domenico Sciajno
Domenico Sciajno - Biography
Torino, 1965


E-mail: [email protected]
Espiral (2002)
for tape

Instrument: Double bass
Born in Torino Italy in 1965, double bass player and composer, studyed Strumental and Electronic Composition with Gilius Van Bergeijk and double bass in the 'Royal Conservatory' of Den Haag in Holland.
In summer 1991 follows the course of High musical specialization in Siena.
In 1994 he follows a masterclass in Bruxelles for double bass in contemporay music helded by the specialist Stefano Scodanibbio.
His interest for improvisation and the influence of academic education, bring his research to the creative possibilities given by the interaction between acoustic instruments, indeterminacy factors and their live processing by electronic devices or computers.
His research on the possibilities given by a creative use of computers in music, brings him in touch with the sonologists and new music composers like Clarence Barlowe, Mikle Barker, Joel Ryan, Alvin Curran and Nicola Bernardini with whom he cohoperated as composer and instrumentalist.
From 1994 he has been present in some of the most important festival as player, improviser or composer in the contemporary and experimental music scene. He made Interactive Sound installations for art galleries and exhibitions.
Activist in the developement of experimental arts, founded the association 'Antitesi', organized festivals and collaborated in the foundation of the 'Fringes' record label .
The wide spectrum of his experiences (that leaded to works like Terra, King Cycle and Objectable) brings him very close to the concept of performance, where he use texts and electronics as in previous works in combination with a coreografic use of the scene space and the projection of videotapes made by himself.
Main events and festival:
1994: Gaudeamus Concours
1995: C.I.M. (Contemporary Improvised Music Festival)
1994: Y.I. (Young Improvisers Festival in Olanda)
1996: Rassegna di Nuova Musica in Macerata
1997/98/99: FRINGES Musiche non convezionali - Editions Milano/Monza, in several lines up
1997: BIENNALE (Off) GIOVANI TORINO, "Suoni e Forme in Movimento" with dancer Gabriella Cerritelli
1997: SALONB.IT - Lingotto Torino, "ITER"
1998: CONTROINDICAZIONI - Roma, A.I.R.S. Quartet
1998: U.S.A. TOUR - New York, S.Francisco, Berkley: duos with E. Christi and Ned Rothemberg and trios with Gino Robair and Yasuhiro Otani
1998: DREAMIN' CALIFORNIA - Palermo, with T.Nunn, G.Powell, M.Palma
1998/99: INAUDITO!FESTIVAL - Torino, in several lines up with Alvin Curran, Hans Koch
1999: CONTEMPORANEA/MENTE, Esperienze Sonore del 900 - Lodi, with Ensemble Takla Group
1999: CURVA MINORE - Palermo, with an ensemble conducted by Elliot Sharp
1999: DONAUESHINGER MUSIKTAGE - Germania, with Alvin Curran and Nicola Bernardini
1999: INTERACTIEF - Eindhoven Holland with Le Qua Ninh, Luc Houtkamp, Geurt Grosfeld
2000: MUSIQUE ACTION - Vandeuvre Les Nancy Francia with Zack Settel, Le Qua Ninh, Geraldine Keller
2000: CURVA MINORE - Palermo with Faust Group (M.Palma, L.Giannetto, M.Maiorana, G.Occhipinti)
2000: MOVIN'UP - Objectable (performance audio-video) selected and supported for a France Tour by Circuito Giovani Artisti Italiani.
2000: ERBAN Art Accademy in Nantes - France, duo with Atau Tanaka
2001: ROTTERDAM FILM FESTIVAL - Rotterdam, Holland with Faust Group
2001: ANGELICA - Bologna, Objectable.
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