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Matteo Pippa
Matteo Pippa - Biography
Pescara, 1982

Instrument: Violin
He began studying violin at four.
He gave his first public performance at the age of seven, playing the A minor Concert by A. Vivaldi, as the solo violin with the "Artis Musicae Gymnasium" String Orchestra, directed by Mario Ferraris, his first teacher. At the age of seven he classified as second, among competitors under thirteen, at the "Rassegna Nazionale di Vittorio Veneto". 
In the following year, he scored similarly at the same competition.
At the age of eight, he won the 1 st prize in the violin competition "Città di Macerata".
At eleven, he scored first among competitors under seventeen at the National Competition "Sannicandro Garganico", and second at the Intemational Competition "Città di Tortona".
At twelve, he scored first at the "Concorso Internazionale Andrea Postacchini"in Fermo (Italy).
In 1996, he won the Competition "Città di Villar Perosa" for young soloists aged under 18, scoring a full 100/100 with his performance of the G major concert by F.J. Haydn.
In 1999 he was awarded the first prize in the National Competition "Giovani Musicisti Napolinova", scoring 97/100, and the International Musical Competition "Riviera del Conero: Premio Speciale della Giuria Giovani Talenti 1999".
In 2003, he classified as second in the International Competition of Chamber Music "Città di Minerbio".
He has performed as soloist violin with several orchestras: the Symphonic Orchestra "M. Gusella" in 1992, playing the E minor Violin Concert op. 64 by F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy; the "A. Corelli" Orchestra (Turin); the "Conservatorio L. D'Annunzio" Orchestra (Pescara, Italy); the Abruzzo Symphonic Orchestra.
He performed in many cities throughout Italy and Europe: Milan ("Società Umanitaria", "Musica Rara" and "Centro Culturale di Milano"); Pescara ("Agimus", "Musicarte", "Arte e Musica nel Palazzi e nei Castellì", with the Associations Italia Nostra", Rotari and "Associazione Musicale Cameristica D'Abruzzo"); Fermo ("Antiqua Marca Firmana"), Chieti ("Teatro Marrucino"); L'Aquila; Ancona ("Istituto Musicale G.B. Pergolesi"); Siena; Lecco; Munich; Trossingen; Bruchsal ("Kammermusiksaal SchIoss"). He also performed in Kawasaki, Japan, at the "Showa" Music Academy, and in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He always drew the attention and praise of the audience, critics and the press.
At the age of nine, he was allowed to enrol, for the clarity of his merits, at the "L. D'Annunzio Conservatory" in Pescara. For his scores at 1993-1994 finals (10/10) he was granted the "Pagella D'oro" prize (Canifermo). In 1997 he was again granted a scholarship bursary for his top marks at his yearly finals.
Under the guidance of the renowned Italian violinist Franco Mezzena, he graduated in 1999 - at the age of seventeen - with top marks, and in 2001 he got an advanced Dìploma ("Corso triennale di Alto Perfezionamento") at the "Scuola Superiore di Alto Perfezionamento dell'Accademia Musicale Pescarese", after attending a three-year course and performing the Concert n'l, op.6 by N. Paganini, together with the local symphonic Orchestra. He got the score of 10/10, with praise.
He played chamber music within several playgroups with renowned artists, like Salvatore Accardo and Bruno Giuranna. He played for short spells within several orchestras, directed by artists as renowned as Riccardo Muti, Lú Jia, Jan Lathan Koenig and Arnold Bosman, aside of soloists as Viktoria Mullova and Barbara Hendricks.
Federico Agostini was his reference teacher in recent years, together with Eckhard Fischer, with whom he was awarded the "Diplom-Studiengang Kunstlerische Ausbildung", and he is studying chamber music with Bruno Canino and with the "Altenberg Trio Wien".
He is presently studying under the guidance of Salvatore Accardo at the "Stauffer" Accademy in Cremona and at the "Chigiana Accademy" in Siena.
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