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Stefano Petrarca
Stefano Petrarca - Biography
Roma, 1954


E-mail: [email protected]
for wind orchestra and tape
Leggero (2001)
for reciting voice and recorded sounds

He has studied piano and composition with Biondi-Paris, trumpet with Mauro Bartoletti, and guitar as an autodidact. In 1983 he graduated in Electronic Music, under the guidance of Giorgio Nottoli at "L. Refice" Conservatory in Frosinone. Petrarca is especially interested in researching the for ms of music language innovation by means of electronic technologies. He collaborated with G. Nottoli for the project "Musica" (1978-1984) at "Istituto di Acustica Corbino" (CNR, Rome). In 1981 he graduated in Mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", with the essay "Mathematical Models for the Use of Computers in Music". In 1980, with other musicians, he founded STREAM "Studio per la Ricerca Elettroacustica Musicale" (Center for Electro-acoustic Research in Music), and at present he is the artistic director of STREAM. From 1979 to 1991, he attended the "Colloqui di Informatica Musicale" (Seminars on computer-use in Music), organized by "Associazione di Informatica Musicale" (AIMI). He has been a member of AIMI for 16 years. In 1982 he attended the International Computer Music Conference. He has composed music for soloists, ensemble and orchestra, for tape and real-time synthesizer. His works have been performed in Italy and abroad and have been broadcasted as well. In 1990 he joined "Musica Verticale", of which he is the president since 2002. From 2000 to 2002 he taught Mathematics and Informatics at "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory of Rome. At the moment he is mostly interested in multimedia arts but he is also going on researching in electronic and instrumental field.

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