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Giancarlo Cardini
Giancarlo Cardini - Biography

E-mail: [email protected]
Paesaggio marino al tramonto con barca e grande nuvola nera(1998)
Agenda Editions - Bologna
Paesaggio marino al tramonto con barca e grande nuvola nera(1998) for piano
Edited by "Fondazione Atopos"

Instrument: Piano

Giancarlo Cardini studied in Florence, where he currently lives. His output as a composer includes works for orchestra, chamber music, instrumental solo pieces, incidental music (written for I Magazzini Theatre Company), audio-visual and acoustic micro-theatre compositions.
Moreover, his book "Bolle di sapone" includes a collection of micro-poems and verbal scores centered on everyday perceptions, as well as the text of two mixed-media works.
In recent years he became increasingly interested in popular music, producing various piano arrangements of 20-century songs by composers such as D'Anzi, Modugno, Bindi, Paoli, Tenco, Kern, Berlin, Porter, Alter, Rodgers, Gershwin, Friml, Gross, Bernstein, Bacharach, Lecuona, Jobim.
The score of the arrangements of Paoli and Tenco has been published by BMG Ricordi.
As a pianist, Cardini has premiered many compositions by Cage, Feldman, Bussotti, Chiari, Castaldi, Grillo, Luca Lombardi, Daniele Lombardi, Mosconi, Zosi, and has toured extensively throughout Europe, in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, India, Nepal and Egypt.
In 1980 in Rome he performed "Winter Music" by Cage, together with David Tudor, Frederic Rzewski and John Tilbury.
Cardini has also a considerable recording history  (Satie, Cage, Bussotti, Castaldi, Clementi, etc..), and has written widely on contemporary music in general (both "high brow" and "popular").
In addition, he is one of the founding members of GAMO (Gruppo Aperto Musica Oggi), an organization devoted to the promotion of contemporary music.
Giancarlo Cardini has taught piano at the State Conservatory in Florence, Pesaro and Trieste.

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