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Marco Stroppa
little i
per Flauto e Elettronica

Durata: 23:00
Editore: Ricordi
1 Esecuzione: Rouen, Festival Octobre en Normandie - 09/1996
Commissionato da: Festival Octobre en Normandie

1. Lento, magico
2. Presto hanté"
3, Molto minuzioso
4. Nostalgico, hatif
5. Come un finale

Duration: 22' ca
Commissioned by the festival "Octobre en Normandie", little i, is inspired by the poem 52 from "73 poems" of e.e. cummings:

who are you, little i
(five or six years old)
peering from some high
window;at the gold
of November sunset
(and feeling:that if day
has to become night
this is a beautiful way).

This work belongs to a cycle of pieces which explore the concept of "chamber electronics". The aim is to create a sort of intimate, poetic relationship between a solo instrument and another invisible presence, the instrument's imaginary partners. The flutist and two electronic sound sources thus generate a sort of virtual trio.
The architecture of "little i" shows a sort of free arch form (slow melodic - presto - moderato percussive - lively - slow harmonic) in five movements: slow, magic / presto "haunted" / very sticky / nostalgic, hurries / as a finale. Each movement uses a different sound articulation for the flute, from usual sounds to multiphonics, from microtonal inflexions and glissandos to percussive sounds. I have given a particular care to the placement of the flutist and of the electronic sounds in space: seven loudspeakers and four positions for the interpreter allow the acoustic flute (that is the flute without amplification), the amplified flute and the electronic sounds to generate different sorts of spatial patterns: echoes, multiplication, bi-dimensional movements (left-right) combined with three-dimensional figures evolving in several plans of depth, separation of the physical source, the flute, from the "sound" source, that is where the sound of flute comes out from. The electronic material is very simple and consists of recorded and processed flute sounds sometimes mixed with synthetic sounds. The electronics was produced in my own personal studio. For reasons of compatibility, it was then recorded onto a compact disc.
The piece will be released on a CD by BMG-Ricordi in September 2000.