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Alessandro Melchiorre

Risonanza (resonance) is an essential word in music, representing both an acoustic phenomenon and a cultural metaphor.
Without the first, music would not exist - or at least only for brief instants - and in addition would consist exclusively of single tones so pure - that is, without resonance - that in a short while they would be pointless or dull, useful at the most for experimental exercises.
Resonance is all that which stems from sound, which flanks, accompanies and follows sound - and at times precedes it culturally; resonance is all that which is provoked by sound; it is the effect of the cause "sound". It is the lingering of resonance after the sound has died away, its contamination with the environment, its potentiality of communication through persistence (which alone enables us to perceive).
Resonance enables our memory to reconstruct a piece of music virtually, to define that sound arrangement which we call form; thanks to resonance the piece of music continues over and beyond the double bar.
Goethe gives us a beautiful mental picture in one of his works (I believe it is in Farbenlehre, but it could instead be in Xenia) when he says "colour is…..fragmented light". Despite the fact that comparisons between light and sound are self-evident, I sometimes think that their compositional principles act in opposite directions (even though based on the same simple constituents); I consider resonance as a composed, or rather a re-composed, sound.
The piece for trumpet and electronics derives from my work Unreported Inbound Palermo (an adventure which has already seen Gabriele Cassone as protagonist and comrade-in-arms); it consists of three episodes which repeat a rhythmic-harmonic structure, almost in the style of a passacaglia, and which in the version for soloist privilege the construction of an in-depth relation that sees the resonance, through various modulatory techniques, either coalesce in a figure or dissolve into background noise.
Technical equipment used:
Macintosh Power PC with DIG1001 card and TC-M5000 multiprocessor.