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Arturo Tallini
Arturo Tallini - Discografia
Napoli, 1958


Strumenti: Chitarra


* One disc featuring contemporary repertoire for two guitars

*Castelnuovo- Tedesco 
(cd Musikstrasse)

(with Trio Chitarristico di Roma - cd Musikstrasse)

(with Trio Chitarristico di Roma – cd Musikstrasse)

(Popular Spanish Songs by Federico Garcia-Lorca transcribed by Tallini. Also collaborates with jazz singer Ada Montellanico – cd Musikstrasse)

*From the Piano
(Trio Concentus with spectacular
transcriptions from Musorgsky and Ravel - cd Sonar)

(the latest CD, containing masterpiece repertoire of D'Angelo, Petrassi, Britten as well as music written for Tallini and more.
It is the first world integral recording of the spectacular Ko-Tha by Giacinto Scelsi, in which the guitar is treated as a percussion instrument and requires great instrumental ability).